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It is important to understand what is a conference and how to manage it. Lets define few terms.

"Conference" is a connection of several remote subscribers in one bi-directional multi-point audio/video call. VitaHD MCU supports multiple conferences simultaneously, depending on system resources available.

"Conference profile" - is a set of conference properties which is used to establish the conference with subscribers and set predefined conference properties, layouts for every subscriber, calling properties and etc. Conference layout is stores in the local database and can be modified dynamically on established conference according to conference scenario. Conference profiles are stored in server database and can be copied and edited as needed.

Every subscriber can attach the conference in two ways:
Server calls subscriber ("call out" for server). For this case subscriber shall be previously added in the conference from the address book or called manually when the conference is already running.
Subscriber calls server ("call in" for server). In this case subscriber shall enter conference PIN code or conference operator shall pick it up from the "Waiting participants" queue in "Monitoring" window. If the subscriber was previously added in conference participant list then no PIN code required and subscriber will be connected to the conference automatically.
"Layout" specifies participants configuration on the screen of one or more conference participants. Server allows very flexible layouts configuration for one or more participants and program them statically or automatically. For every participant server allows to program who will be shown in which positions and for which number of conference participants, so for every participant layouts will be switched automatically according to the number of conference participants.

Layouts are divided into two types — "global" and "individual". Global layout is common for one conference. It is seen for all participants who do not have it's own individual layout. For example, a participant attached to a conference through PIN code (unknown participant for the server) will get global layout.
  • Individual layout can be defined in the conference profile before conference starts for every participant. These settings are stored in server database and can be retrieved as part of a conference profile.
  • Individual layout can be defined dynamically when conference is already running. Dynamically defined layouts are existed on run time only.

Every individual layout consumes additional server resources for transcoding, limiting maximum number of concurrent calls per server instance, so use do not use individual layouts with no need.